April 11, 2010

Holidays.....The Macadamia Castle!

We've been here in warm, sunny, balmy Queensland for a few days now, but today was to be all about little Cooper. So what did we do? We headed to The Macadamia Castle just a little south of Byron Bay of course!

My first impression was formed after seeing the beautiful green, lush, freshly mowed grass! Mmm, I love anyone who loves their grass and a nice, neat tidy yard. Yes I am still a little of a neat freak. But enough about me.

The highlight of the day for Cooper was definatley 'The Train'. He had 2 rides on the train, one with mum and one with dad and all we heard on the drive home was.....The Train!

That painted 'thing' on his face was supposed to be a fish, but being the wigglebutt that he is, he couldn't sit still long enough for it to be finished.

The highlight for me was definatley the bunnies. Did I get to sit and pat one? No. But despite the fact that I was too old and didn't get to feel that soft, warm litle body and those long ears, it was still the highlight for me. How old is too old anyway?

Nicole and Darrel just 'taking a moment'......

This place had the most amazing treehouse for kids to climb, with several slides zinging this way and that.

Oh yes, and another thing the boy is into at the moment. 'Dig, Dig', which describes just about any machinery that is big, with a bucket, scoop or grader on the front, but is usually spotted in a yellow form.

My Highland goaty, oaty, oat, was feeling finey, iney, ine, ate 6 red shirty, irty, irts........

Oh yeah, and there was a flying fox that I was dying to get my hands on, but the line of kidlets was ridiculous. Being the larger of the pack I suppose I could have pushed my way in, but you know.....I didn't. I'd love my own flying fox, from my balcony to the car. That way I could get a super quick getaway.

Oh and the park. Don't get me started on parks. I could give you a detailed description of every park within a 100 klm radius of Kirra......but I won't.

Cockle doodle do.....

And the highlight of the day for all adults concerned.....little angel face Cooper falling asleep on the way home from a big day out. Yay for us!


  1. Hi girls! Awwwwwwww, that Cooper is just so gorgeous!!! Enjoy the fab weather & all those parks (oh dear, l feel your pain!).

    Catch up on your return.

  2. Did you get to eat a lot of Macadamias??? *drool*

  3. Looks like so much fun - Lovely photos - And so many activities -