April 5, 2010

The Homegrown Update....

It's only 2 more sleeps now until Mookah goes on holidays, so it was time today to prepare the vege garden for our absence. Isn't the size of the pumpkin plant in the foreground of this photo just incredible? It is only one plant, it's self sown and has about a dozen pumpkins hanging from it's long twisting arms.

A photo of some of the little suckers hiding behind the leaves....

This little helper is always keen for a visit to the vege patch and he can be quite helpful, but I think he really just loves trying to spray us with the hose!

Finally we pulled out the tomatoes even though there were a few stragglers left, and also gone are the zuchinni plants (yippee!!) after they have supplied us with way more fruit than we could have ever hoped (or wished) for! Lets face it, there is only so many things you can do with zuchinni's.

And this green machine is Mr Mookah's latest compost invention, which was put in place today, just in time to place the tomato and zuchinni plant remnants inside it's big, round, tumbling belly. It will be interesting to see what's in there when we return in 2 weeks time.
Now that we've cleared some beds, turned the soil, covered them in pea straw, and watered them in we need to think about some winter crops. Any thoughts?


  1. We just did the same this weekend. We put in leeks, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. I'm learning to only plant things that we eat lots of, after the great cucumber fiasco of the summer of 09/10! How many cucumbers can one small family eat? I figure if we are lucky enough to have any of these things in abundance, they can always go into soup!

  2. Whoa there! Thank goodness a surplus of pumpkin is easier to come to terms with than zucchini. Honestly, there's a gap in the market for a zucchini cookbook...

  3. I see pumpkin soup in your future...