May 20, 2010

My Creative Space....

After being absent for a while, today I am joining in once again with My Creative Space. Pop over to Kirsty's for other crafty goodness.

Today wasn't about marking, cutting, pinning, sewing, overlocking or ironing for me. Today was a different kind of creativity at Mookah Headquarters. It was all about taking photographs of some of our products for our etsy shop, web banners, magnolia sqare website and, well, whatever else! Here are just a few that tickled our fancy....

Oh he's so cute isn't he? I am, I admit a slightly biased aunty.

Awww! Gotta love those special moments huh?


  1. Great pics! And I think your nephew is very cute indeed!

    (You're not putting him on Etsy though are you?? I have found it better to eBay children.)

  2. oh dear ... ebay for children. (sorry, Liesl made me laugh).

    love your new goodies ... and with lovely ink & spindle fabric.

    My Creative Space

  3. Love all of the softies! They look so happy perched up in the shelves. Good luck getting all of your etsy listing done.

  4. Yep, he's a cutie.

    I love your footstools. They look fabulous.

  5. He is so sweet; my G would do anything for a brother like him!