May 28, 2010

My Creative Space....

Oopsy, I'm running a day late, but I wanted to join in with Kirsty's My Creative Space anyway, so please just pretend it's Thursday and read on.....

Much of the work here at Mookah Headquarters can be a little repetitive, but not today! We had an important lunch date planned (more of that in another post) that was bound to take up the rest of the afternoon, so we gave ourselves the morning some 'free' time to play with some new projects. Woohoo!

Above is a few of our older Birdy Num Num designs that are on the table for a revamp. A new face plate is being created, they are getting new 'super stretchy' legs, and some rainbow coloured head feathers. I promise to show you the finished soon as it's finished.

And I bet you wonder what on earth 'that thing' on the bench is? No its not a skittle. Nicole got the real pleasure of playing with a completely new softie design that we've been wanting to work on for a while now, a Fairy Penguin. The one standing up is an unfinished prototype, and lying on the bench is the start of prototype 2. It's getting there folks, trust me. A little more tweaking and I'll be able to show you the finished result.

Creativity, ideas, new designs, yay! Off now to finish preparing for next week's road trip to Sydney for Magnolia Sqaure at Randwick Racecourse.


  1. Little Mister Penguin is looking very cute! Good luck for Magnolia Square. I don't know how you ladies keep up.

  2. The fairy penguin is going to be adorable. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Well, I am a sucker for penguins!