June 14, 2010

The Mookah Studio Space.....

Have I bored you recently with how limited the Mookah studio is getting in terms of productive space? As our little label is getting busier and busier, we are having to stock and store more and more fabrics, cushion inserts, hobbyfill, packaging etc etc. While we have quite a large work bench (about 3.5m x 1.5m) Nicole and I often argue over who gets to use it.

Today however, it all just got a little out of control. Not only was Nicole and I trying to work in there with Cooper running around, but Mookah Man was in there on creative duties as well as an old friend who we shall refer to as 'Lucky Phil'.

Mookah Man has been busy working on some new pendant light shades to go over the kitchen island bench, to finish off the recent extension project. I'll give you a peek when they go up!

Lucky Phil on the other hand was not so lucky recently, requiring a knee reconstruction after a skiing injury and has come to stay at the Mookah Headquarters for a bit of rest and relaxation in the fresh country air. As it turns out, she is fantastic at felt circle work, pinning, cutting and I'll find out what else tomorrow!

I was on beanbag duties yet again today.....

Nicole got the most exciting job, a custom project out of one of our latest fabric finds. This fabric is called 'Blade' and is another australian hand screen printed fabric, from Surface Art.

Yummy isn't it?

The project is three very large cushion covers for a day bed in a brand new designer house here in Inverloch from one of our favourite builders, Martin Builders. While I'm here, congratulations to Dave and Jenny on the birth of their baby!
And the Mookah Studio? Well who knows, we'll just keep dreaming about our studio extension for now.


  1. Oooh that fabric is just dreamy!
    Storage is always so difficult - can polyfill and cushion inserts be put into space bags? You know those ones where they suck out all the air?

  2. Lovely fabric. At least with all that stuff in the studio it would keep the heat in wouldn't it?? Brrr....

  3. What a wonderful busy hive of activity and colour; lovely.