June 10, 2010

My Creative Space....

Today's 'My Creative Space'.....

Last week I gave you a sneak peak of our latest but unfinished softie, a Fairy Penguin, and promised to show you the finished product. We quickly put 10 together to take with us to Magnolia Square in Sydney to get some feedback, and in our haste didn't get a chance to take photos before they were quickly sold off the shelves! They were all sold less than half way through the event.

Yay! Everyone seems to like them as much as we do, except perhaps for Kylie who described them as acid trippy dolls. What the *@#&??? By the way, we have named our new little friend Pia. Pia the Fairy Penguin

So today we have been working on another bigger batch as we have orders all over the place for them, not to mention the fact that we need to get some in our etsy shop and we have Mornington Market this weekend.

So what do you reckon? Likey Likey or Acid Trippy Dolls?

Hopefully you likey likey cos Pia is also up the duff, preggers, expecting, with child, carrying, or whatever other term you would like to use to describe the fact that mother is carrying child and will soon give birth to a little one. Yep, Pia will also be available with her little one real soon.

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  1. Oh, I lovey love them. Absolutely adorable.

  2. haha the penguins are sooo cute! i love how they all wear scarves. Good job :)