June 24, 2010

My Creative Space....

There was oodles of stuff going on in the Mookah studio today. We had custom orders for adult beanbags and a floor cushion to get finished and in the post, we had a visitor or 3 to the studio, and we had a few extra pair of hands helping out.

Remember 'Lucky Phil' from last week? Well she was back for more creative therapy at the Mookah studio today and she bought a friend with her, Emily from Idaho USA. I love having assistants and they're cheap labour, all it takes is a few bottles of sparkling shiraz and they're as happy as a pig in shit!

I missed the photo opportunity, but we had a visit from Martine from greenolivedesign today, with Drew and Jack in tow, who dropped Martine off and headed to the beach. What a stunning winters day it was too!
Martine is known for her screen printed fabrics, scarves and tweed bags, but today's discussions revolved around colours, textures, themes, direction, design, logos and printing. I will show and tell more soon....
For more creative space, head over to Kirsty's place.


  1. How cool is that green wall in te background - so bright and cheery. Look forward to hearing more...

  2. Did someone say sparkling shiraz? When can I start?!