June 22, 2010

Pendant Lampshade & Renovation Update......

Remember last week I showed you some snaps of some pendant lampshades that Mookah Man was making? Well they're now all finished and up in the new kitchen so I thought I'd give you a squizz.

They're not bad are they? I've already put in my order for my house. I want a couple of new lampshades for my bedroom, I've just got to decide which Australian designed and made fabric I'm going to use. We've got a few customers patiently waiting for their very own custom lamp shades that will match some home decor items we have already supplied them with.

While I'm here I will show you a few more pics from Nicole and Mookah Man's house renovations which have been happening over the last 6 months or so. This is their new dining area with their mustardy coloured feature wall to match the new splashback.

That mustardy colour was chosen to match the colour of the lichen seen on the branches of the gum trees surrounding the house.

The new 'out and up' north facing extension makes the whole living area look enormous with it's huge glass windows that stream with sunshine over these winter months.

Ah well, I'm sure my turn will come soon. Who would want to live in the city when you could live on 4 acres of this on country coastal bushland?


  1. Oh wow! How I wish I lived somewhere that magnificent. What a beautiful reno.

  2. Fantastic, it looks beautiful, very inspiring!

  3. What a gorgeous outlook. I'm loving all that glass, I'm curious..does it get cold once the sun goes down?