July 20, 2010

Colours of the rainbow....

I know it appears as if I've been AWOL for a while, but trust me, I've been here. I've just been busy sewing, sewing, sewing. I thought i'd share some pics with you of a new parcel of craft fabrics that arrived here in the mail last week.

Hard to beat a new parcel of fabric, where they are all precisely folded and grouped together in their fabric ranges. If only they stayed neat like that in the studio.

These fabrics are destined to be made into echidnas, platypus, woollybutts, penguins, and birdy num nums from the Mookah animal soft toy range.

If you were wondering what some of my favourite fabrics were, you might be able to work it out by the first batch of animals that we've made out of the new fabrics!

Cutesy huh? These guys were frolicking in the sun at Kilcunda beach while working on their suntans.


  1. Those echidnas are darn gorgeous. Nice work ladies!

  2. How delicious does all that fabric look!!! YUM!!

  3. Oh wow - love those fabrics! (I've been AWOL too!)