July 4, 2010

Sunday Stuff.....

The sound of the ocean was very loud when I woke this morning, and I lay there for quite a while listening and contemplating the day ahead. It's Sunday, I'm home, and I don't have to work. Mmmm. Feels a little weird. What am I going to do with myself?

I finally decided on 'normal stuff'. Or my interpretation of what used to be normal before it became non normal for me. You following me? It used to be my routine to catch up on my duties around the house, such as cleaning, shopping, lawn mowing etc on weekends, but now that I don't get many very normal weekends, I don't know what's normal anymore?

So that was it. I decided on normal stuff. Apart from the above very normal boring stuff I also did a bit of this......

Raking up the piles of leaves from that big old lovely oak tree that gives me beautiful shade in summer, and a bit of this.....

Yep you guessed it. Gutter cleaning. Did I just say that it was a lovely oak tree? Mmmm. The good with the bad huh? There was quite a nice view from up there though.
It was so nice to spend some time enjoying my surroundings and to have the time to notice the little things, like the fact that my wattle that I planted nearly 2 years ago is in flower for the very first time.

And that after all the rain we've had here there are little mushies and toadstools coming up everywehere in the garden. Look at these little beauties.
You know what I realised after today? I actually enjoyed all that normal, boring stuff that I used to do on weekends. What did you do today?


  1. I guess it would be strange for you after working/working/working for the past year or so on weekends...

    Me? Sunday here is the beginning of the working week. (It'll be strange living in Oz again one day when the working day begins on Monday!) Husband is at work, Miss M is on school holidays, Miss L having her afternoon nap. We went to Marina Mall this morning for a wander through IKEA and Carrefour, plus a bit of clothes shopping.

  2. I'm loving the new photos – they look great. Yes, a market-free weekend is a bit odd isn't it? Glad you enjoyed yours.

  3. It's really nice to see photos of 'normal stuff' you know. It brings it all back down to the fact that we're all mostly the same in that regard.