July 3, 2010

Skirts Ahoy!

With all the crafty activities that have been going on pretty intensely around here for over a year now, I decided that it was time to actually make something for myself. I was inspired by a lovely looking denim skirt that I saw a lady wearing recently as well as a few hand screen printed fabric off cuts that I was given by Martine from Greenolive Design. And you know how I love hand screen printed fabric right?

Unlike Nicole, I've never particularly felt the urge to make my own clothing, (perhaps due to the failures I had at high school), that is, until now. So with Nicole looking over my shoulder and offering me tidbits of advice I embarked last week on making my own very first simple A-Line denim skirt. It went quite well and I was pleased with the end result, except for one small but important piece of information. It didn't fit! Bloody pattern sizes.

Here it is anyway, being modelled by it's brand new owner, my Mum. Cute shoes by the way.
So this meant I had to do it all over again in a larger size (I'm not telling which size though), and I actually made a couple of sizes bigger because I wanted to wear it low on my hips rather than at my waist (or pretend waist).

This one definately fits, and I'm not sure yet, but maybe it is a tad too big? Oh well, I know exactly how to do it now. What's another one huh?

Thanks again to Martine from Greenolive Design for a few of your hand screen printed fabric panels. Which ones will I use on the next skirt?


  1. Fabulous! Isn't it amazing how a simple piece of lovely handprinted fabric makes all the difference. I bet your mum is pretty happy that she scored the first one.

  2. Love how special it looks with the addition of the print. If it is a tad too big you could put a couple of darts in front and/or back along the waist so long a s you don't intend to show the waist. Cherrie

  3. Oh man ... doesn't that fitting stuff drive you bonkers? Regardless of sizing, they are both fabulous!

  4. I agree with willwagtail, a couple of darts should do the trick. Nice looking winter skirts there. Marg's shoes ARE cute - and are they your new boots? Nice. Very nice.

    Well done.

  5. They both look great – though I'm very partial to the type one - hope to see you wearing it one day soon.

  6. What sweet skirts! Your Mum makes a great model too by the way. Maybe you'll start to sell these? You can't beat an A-line and I know Melody will agree with me there. And while we're at it...you can't beat red shoes and hot boots YEAH!!!