August 10, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new........

We are nearly 18 months into the world of mookah now and we decided that it was time to update our image, get a bit more professional and to try a little 'rebranding' to better reflect what we at mookah are all about. So it is out with the old and in with the new.

While we had some clear ideas about what we wanted, we needed to enlist some 'professionals' to help us achieve our goals. We sought the services of Martine from greenolive designs who is into all sorts of crafty stuff these days but was a graphic designer in her previous life.

Don't worry, I know what you're thinking.....'oh no, not the tree!'. It's okay, relax. The Mookah tree is still intact, just in a little more stylised version than before. Our new branding includes the Mookah Tree done in a linocut, with the template shown below.

The new image is all about red rather than the green, and all I can really say is that Nicole and I are both going through a red phase in our lives. Not so many years ago I would never have dreamt of wearing red! It's also all about natural colours, fibres and textures, and appreciating our environment.

Finally we also have ourselves some profesional swing tags to attach to our products for sale at a retail level. No more dodgy handmade labels.

Oh yes and how could I have not already mentioned the fact that we have launched our very own mookah website. Go and check it out right now!

A new natural herringbone tape label has replaced our old woven polyester labels, and boy do they look good. When we look at the old polyester ones now they make us 'shudder'.

So what do you think? Likey Likey Lots?

# Note: Special thanks to Martine & Drew for helping us to achieve everything we wanted and more. Now we just need to work on our own online shop.....


  1. How could you not love it? It's georgous.

  2. very cool news Mookah it all looks so great and very you xox

  3. absolutely gorgeous!
    red is my fav. colour, so me likey lots!

  4. Hey nice work ladies that looks great!!

  5. I'm loving the new red look - very swanky and profesh!

  6. WOW girls!!! LOVE it :) I love red too!! looks very smart & profess!

  7. I'm a big red fan too - everything looks very spiffy!

  8. its wonderful the new look is receiving such great feedback! And it was such a great project to work with you on too.

  9. Well done. Love red! Love the new look too.