July 31, 2010

New 'Mookah Moose' Fabric........

Since Mookah was created Nicole and I have had this hidden desire to screenprint our own fabric, although we never quite knew what, when, where or how. Like lots of things around here really. For months now we've been working on a few design ideas, as well as researching and sourcing basecloths, and finding someone to print them for us.

With so much going on we decided to just get one design printed for now just to get the ball rolling, so we went with our simplest design, the 'Mookah Moose'.

The Moose design was inspired by one of Nicole's trips to the US where she was staying with a friend at the Grand Teton National Park. They went to leave their room one morning only to find they were blocked in by a rather large Moose and it's cub!

Who knew there would be so many decisions to make along the way, with the 2 hardest ones being which basecloth we were going to use, and which colours to print. The original plan was to print in 3 colours, red, green and blue, but as we weren't able to get hold of enough of the basecloth we wanted when we needed it, we decided to just run with the red and green for now.

The fabric we chose in the end was an organic cotton/hemp, which is what we ideally always wanted, but it was oh so hard to find 'just the right one'.

I know one little man who thinks it's pretty funky and it matches in perfectly with his red and green bedroom.........

This fabric will be available in floor cushion and beanbag designs next week at Magnolia Square at Malvern Town Hall. Come and say g'day to the Mookah Chicks.


  1. That's exciting - and looks absolutely fantastic! Congrats!

  2. looks amazing girls!
    can't wait to have a squiz at magnolia square!

  3. Love the new fabric. You girls are so clever!
    See you Friday!

  4. my beautiful moose foot cushion has taken pride of place in my loungeroom!!
    we absolutely adore it!!
    perhaps a green one next time!!

  5. Love it! I am tempted also... send me an email with the cost details. x

  6. I love the moose fabric, it's gorgeous. Your stall at Magnolia Square was fabulous, I was admiring your wooden shelves!

  7. Kapowy! Fantastic both of you x encore encore more more!

  8. Oh awesome! Nice work ladiez! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow :)