September 9, 2010

My Creative Space.....

What boxes does a blog entry need to tick to be suitable for a Thursday 'My Creative Space' entry I wonder?

I can tell you now there has been absolutely nil, none, zip happening in the creativity department around here this week. We've all been brought to our knees by the deadly, dreaded gastro. Aaahhh!

This is however, a selection of photos we took last week.......

Floor cushion & Pod in 'Birch' fabric by Ink & Spindle

For more creative stuff, head on over here.


  1. These look great! Love the fabric. Hope you and yours are feeling better.

  2. Nice pics! Grr to the gastro! Hang in there.

  3. Great pictures - I bet you guys are busy how are you going to be in two places at the same time?

  4. Oh no! Hope you're all better very soon.