September 23, 2010

First ever Melbourne Finders Keepers Market!

Have I mentioned that Mookah will be a part of the very exciting first ever Melbourne Finders Keepers market, to be held at Docklands on Sat 9th and Sun 10th October? Hehee....we're just a little excited about it.

Well to be honest I'm excited about it and a little jealous that I won't be there. Nicole's a little stressed and that's cos she will be there and she has to pull it all together! No I won't be lazing on some secluded tropical island sipping marguritas or trekking through Nepal getting in touch with my inner self. I will be in Adelaide pulling it all together for the 3 day Bowerbird Bazaar design market.

Yep, it's all happening here alright. You know how you hear about those production sweatshops in far away places? Well I think our studio is turning into one!

Note there is no smiling for sweatshop helpers!

A quick snap i took today of a range of kids beanbags we have prepared for the events, with Mum, who is a sometimes sweatshop helper. Hope to see you all there!


  1. You forgot to mention that mum will be helping you pull it together in Adelaide. You also forgot to mention the 'Lucky Phill' and not so 'Aunty Denise' will be helping me to try and pull it together at Finders Keepers.....

  2. Good luck and see you at Finders Keepers!

  3. aren't Mum's great :-) good luck Mookah and seeya in Adelaide x

  4. Go Marg. What a fab helper. I'll be popping in to say hi at Finders Keepers. I'd love to be helping out on the Leeloo stall, but will have small boys in tow and they don't do helpful.

  5. Owww wow Leisa! Busy times in the Mookah studio. Cazz & Hazz are coming over in November and I'd love some of your stuff for them to bring over but I CANNOT FIND BEANBAG BEANS ANYWHERE in the UAE!!!! URGH. Are you still making skirts? I'd love one buddy. =)