September 30, 2010

My Creative Space.....

It's been a little while, but at last I feel like I have worthy post for this week's My Creative Space!

So much time is easily taken up in the humdrum of running a small business that often there isn't a lot of time left to do what you really wanted to in the first place - be creative. For the last few months now there has been lots of thinking, sketching, designing and playing with an idea to come up with the latest product to be introduced to the Mookah range.

Oooh timber. Can you smell it's loveliness? Do you know what it is?

Now of course there has to be some lovely fabric added somewhere doesn't there?

Tada! The first finished prototype of our Mookah designed and handmade Floor Lamp. It stands 120cm tall, is made from Australian hardwood and you can choose your own fabric to create your very own designer lampshade. And even better, it will also be available as a Table Lamp, (not shown) which will stand 48cm tall.
Now, you're probably (maybe) thinking.....'gee those Mookah chicks are clever', but I have to admit that Mookah Man has played a large part of this new project. Thanks Mookah Man, you're the best.
Both the floor lamp and the table lamp will be on show for the very first time at The Finders Keepers market at Docklands in Melbourne on the 9th & 10th October, so make sure you drop in to check them out, and say g'day while you're there.


  1. It's just hi job, five days a week
    A rocket man, a rocket man

    Or is it, sky rockets in sight, Inverloch delight?

    What stunning rocket lamps. It looks like Mookah man will have himself a five day a week job when those awesome Rocket lamps take off.

    Just one Question, will you be bring one to Bowerbird with you next weekend?


  2. Wow! You girls (and Mister Mookah) are amazingly talented. Just super gorgeous!

  3. You guys are ace! Think I might need to get myself down to Finders Keepers to check it out!

  4. that is BEAUTIFUL!
    absolutely love it!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Got to love a man handy with a bit of timber...See you next week at Finders Keepers. Jo

  6. Oh Leisa, they're beautiful! Well done to all involved. You lot are getting cleverer and cleverer every. day.

    PS. Will reply to that reply soon. x

  7. Ohhh wow nice work ladies! That looks amazing! Can't wait to see them in person at FK! xx

  8. Why yes, I was thinking how clever you were. Good for Mookah Man.

  9. Amazing work - such talented ladies (& Man) at the Mookah house!

  10. so very talented you lot are!! looks just amazing :)