December 6, 2010

Fine and Sunny......

If you live in Mildura or have passed through in the last couple of months, you may have noticed a brand new shop that has opened in town, called 'Fine and Sunny'.  How apt is that name for Mildura?  The shop is owned by another sister team (like us), being Annie and Shell, and they have been planning towards opening their own shop for about 18 months. 

The concept was to fill a gap, as the ladies believed that  Mildura was missing the kind of shop that they liked, which is one stocking lots of Australian designers and makers - something different and unique, and somewhere that you can go to buy a present for your best friend, sister or mum and want to keep if for yourself!

We first met the lovely ladies at Bowerbird Bazaar (Adelaide's Design Market) in October, when they expressed interest in stocking some of ou rMookah products in their shop. Annie and Shell want to focus on super friendly customer service, and are aiming to create a place you want to come back to every week to see if there is something new,  or just to say hello!

Pictured is Shell arranging some Mookah floor cushions in the store

Check out that beautiful throw cushion sitting on the chair (below).  Wouldn't mind one of those myself.....

Apparently Saturday's are the best day to drop in to the store cos I've heard on the grapevine that this is the day the girls cook up some yummy treats to share with their customers! 
If you're passing through Mildura stop by and check out the shop.  Here are the details:

Fine & Sunny
Shop 7 141 Eighth Street, Mildura VIC
Ph 03 5022 0007


  1. Merriest Christmas wishes ladies. Hope next year is fab for you both and for Mookah!x Amy

  2. I've been telling Ms L I want to go on a road trip to Mildura. I haven't been there for years but I liked it when I visited a long time ago. I'll add 'Fine and Sunny' (which is a great name, I agree) to my list of places to visit.

  3. as a girl who grew up in Mildura and moved to melbourne, i am SO HAPPY mildura has a store like fine and sunny!!! All the lovely, gifty, modern things we ladies love to buy for our friends =)

  4. I will vouch for this store being FANTASTIC! I live on a station out of Mildura and it has definitely filled a much needed gap in the design retail market in town. Have already completed my first shop and will be going back for more!