January 5, 2011

The New Deck......

It's been rather quiet here on the blogging front in case you hadn't noticed.  First of all there was all kinds of Mookah craziness going on with last minute pre-xmas orders, then it was the whole Santa coming thing, and then it was just us Mookah chicks taking a few days out for oursleves over the Xmas and New Year period.

So what did we do with our 'me' time after stuffing ourselves silly on Xmas day?  Go away with the family for a few days? Lay on the beach and retire to the waves when things got a little warm?  Escape to the family apartment at Coolangatta?  Sleep in 'til late and get up to pancakes for brekky?

Not likely.  In case you hadn't already heard, I got myself a brand new deck for xmas.  And not just any old deck, this is a 'big begucken party deck'!  It is even larger than I first thought, but damn I love it.  The little planter boxes filled with herbs were given to me by my big sis and her family for my birthday a few weeks ago.  How appropriate don't you think?  I love wandering onto the deck to pick a few fresh herbs to cook with dinner.

So I still haven't told you what I've been up to have I?  Not what you think I'm sure.  No I haven't been sipping margurita's on the deck (yet), I've been busy oiling my brand new deck for days on end.  Who would of thought it would take so long to put 2 coats all over this magnificent specimen? 

Well worth the effort though.  I will be drinking fine wine and eating succulent cheeses on this deck for years to come.  In fact, I think I might retire to the deck for a vino now....


  1. It's a little cold for a vino on the deck tonight sis! Well i guess you have probably put your thermals on and your beanie and scarf, cause I know how much you love that new deck!

  2. Looks fab Leisa. I'm predicting in the winter months you'll be building a roof on the thing and having cafe blinds. lol

    Well I definitely want a vino on that deck next time I'm in town. (And don't ask me when that is as I ain't got no idea!)

  3. Ditto Cam, now THAT'S a deck!! Wowsers, it's beautiful, hope no naughty birds poop on it! When's the deck-warming party????