January 30, 2011

House bound activities......

What to do on a stinker of a day?  You know the type.  It's too hot to be doing anything outside, so you lock yourself inside with the air conditioning on, but what to do?

Well before it got too hot this morning, I headed down to the local for a swim.  It was stunning, and made me feel like I was on holidays.

This arvo I was planning to sit and watch the cricket and the tennis, 'til I realised that the tennis was going to be on tonight instead, and then to top it off, the first innings of the cricket wasn't being shown on tv!  What is the world coming to I ask you?

So I did a spot of baking instead.  Although my date scones don't meet the cwa guidelines, they still tasted pretty good! Tea anyone?


  1. I can't believe you decided to turn on the oven on a 40 degree day... although looking at those scones, it was totally worth the extra heat!

  2. Too darn hot to do anything much but make a couple of trips to our favourite beach - the delightfully named Petticoat Creek - for a dip or two! My first swims for 2011, at last!