February 16, 2011

Rainbow of colour......

What do you have for lunch in summer when you have tomatoes and basil coming out your ears?

Why bruschetta off course!  This one is made from several different varieties of home grown tomatoes which create this magnificent rainbow of colours on the plate.  I love mixing different types of tomatoes to give that variation on colours, texture and flavours.

Even this little man thought it was the bomb.  Gotta love summer foods.


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Gotta love home-grown goodness.

  2. Yummo! I love bruschetta. Its one of my fave entrees although I don't order it very often as it's so messy to eat.
    Yours looks delish.

  3. Yum! Our tomatoes are still a bit on the green side, but another warm day or two will hopefully see us having some on toast! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Jo x