January 11, 2011

A very special gift.....

At Christmas last year (yes - last year!) our family decided to do a bit of kris kringle thing rather than all buying gifts for everyone, which gets very expensive. I received a very special present that ticked all the boxes.

Handmade - tick
Meaningful - tick
Beautiful - tick
Last forever - tick
Sentimental - tick
Creative - tick
Simple - tick

A few months ago now, I spent some time trying to teach Cooper (my 3 year old nephew) how to draw some basic things on the whiteboard, with our focus being on simple trees.  This is one of the drawings that Cooper and I did together, that I loved.  Nicole took a photo of it for us to look back on in future years.

What I didn't know at the time was that she passed it on to a friend of ours, Michelle, otherwise known as Crayonchick.  Now this is one seriously talented lady who has a business called 'Kids with Crayons', which specialises in transforming children's artwork into beautiful keepsakes, so that you can cherish the works of little people for years to come.

This is the end result, and what I received for xmas.

Isn't it adorable?  Michelle has even used my favourite colours and a touch of fabric from one of my favourite fabric designers, Ink & Spindle.  What a great momento this is going to be for me that I'm sure I will have until I grow old.

Special thanks to Cooper for being a great nephew (most of the time), my fantastic sister Nicole for the great gift idea, and to Michelle for being such a talented lady!


  1. That is the most beautiful gift ever - such a treasure!

  2. That is just brilliant - I love it! Lucky lady!

  3. gorgeous! very nice to see a touch of 'delft' there too :)

  4. You have no idea how much fun Nicole and I had in our little covert operation! Creating the artwork was definitely the easiest part - technology to get the photo to me without you knowing was another story entirely! I'm so glad you like it! *blushing*

  5. Entirely fabulous on all fronts! Hooray to everybody involved!