June 16, 2011


 What's going on in our Creative Space this week?  Sewing, cutting, sewing, marking, more sewing and oh, oh, our new screens arrived!  So screenprinting it is.  You know how it is, you don't have a plan but you've got a new screen/design, so you've just got to print. 

A new screen deserves a new colour don't you think?  So of course it had to be a shade of red.  Or earthy red/brown to be exact.

 How sexy is that word screen?

The new colour on a cotton/linen basecloth......

And lets not forget our poppies design.......

Our own designs, screens, ink, fabric, mess, creativity - I love it!

For more creative space this week, head over here.


  1. Go girls! The arrival of something new is so exciting, everything else has to get bumped. Have fun! Jo x

  2. Love them. Also the screen with that dark red look and light letters. Cherrie

  3. These look really good! Looks like fun to do too!

  4. Oh the words look amazing, anything with words on them right now are hot hot hot. Love Posie