June 20, 2011

Bendigo Square Market

Last Saturday was Bendigo Square Market, and Mookah made the trip up the Calder Hwy to the 'Go' for the very first time.  I was warned it would be cold, but brrrr.......apparently I underestimated just how cold, cold could be.

The market is held at the Bendigo Town Hall and check out how beautiful the inside of this building is.  It has been renovated in recent years and apparently took several years to complete the work.  A stunning location to spend a day amongst some super creative people, I only wish I'd remembered my scarf and my thermals!  Thanks Frank for lending me yours.  Scarf that is.  Not your thermals......


Thanks also to Mookah Mum for being my navigator and off-sider for the day.  You're the bestest!  One of the highlights of my day was catching up with an old school friend that I haven't seen for about 16 years. Thanks Sooze for dropping by, it was fantastic to see you and you haven't changed a bit!

Maybe Mookah will be back in Bendigo soon?


  1. What a gorgeous town hall! Thanks for the market report, I was thinking of you on the weekend, and thinking it won't be too long before I can catch you up in person. Yay! (I'm only here as anonymous as blogger seems to be having yet another turn...sigh) Jo xxx

  2. Look at Mumsy there, looking all trendy. (Her hair looks fab!)

    Sounds like a good day - I hope it was successful for you.

  3. What's your secret? I can't get my Mum to model my wares at all *g*!!

  4. Oh your mummy is so cool, what a lovely way to spend time together, did you huddle to share body warmth?? Love your work ladies, chat soon, get sewing your bottoms off for Handmade Canberra, it could be blisteringly hot in October or snowing, we just can't promise anything!! Love Posie

  5. Mookah Mum looks so groovy – and I love the fabric patch on her skirt!

  6. Sheesh! Not the thermals? Aw, Frank!...