July 5, 2011

Finders Keepers Brisbane

Late last week we made the big road trip up the Newell Hwy with a car loaded to the hilt with stock and our shelving on the roofracks in anticipation of a rockin' Finders Keepers market in Brisvegas.  Woohoo!  You know how us chicks love our road trips!

The event was held at The Old Museum which was a beautiful old brick buiding with lots of character and atmosphere.  The live music, lots of people, beautiful food and lots of talented artisans all made it one great event.  There was a few other Melbourne folk exhibiting their wares, including Crayon Chick, Rabbit & Duck, and The Wolf & I.  Thanks ladies for making it such a fun time, and Brisbanites for making us so welcome.

For us Melbourne folk it was like heaven on a stick particpating in an event with clear blue skies, sunshine and warm balmy 21 degree days.  A huge thanks to Lucia, John and the boys for putting us up for a few nights and now we've headed to the coast for a mini break in Coolangatta, stocking up on our fill of warmth and sunshine.  Ahhhh.....holidays.....yeah I remember what they are now.....


  1. Now it must be my turn to chuck a tantrum. 21 degrees!!! It's practically snowing here. No joke. Enjoy...

  2. Glad you enjoyed it - hope it was a cracking market for you too!

  3. Stay north for as long as you can, it's fr-r-r-eezing down here! Wasn't it a great event. Thanks for looking after me, I miss having someone to call on for lunch! xx

  4. Awesome.

    And hope you girls are enjoying your well deserved break up at that little flat on the Gold Coast. Hope the weather has been kind to you.

    (& did you get to meet Karen?)