November 6, 2011

The New Shop Space......

I know, I know.  Everyone's been asking for some pictures of the new shop and studio, but things have been just a little hectic around here of late.  They aren't the best, but here is a few snaps of our new shop space.

Who would have ever thought we'd have a big Mookah sign, marking our territory?

Nicole (colli) doing a quick pose for me on our 'Lady in Red' benchseat.

A selection of hand printed scarves from Australian textile designer, Megan Jackson.

Some of the usual mookah goodies, including kids beanbags and funky ladies skirts.

These practcal little satchels and folio's look and feel like a beautiful soft woollen felt, but in actual fact they are made from 100% plastic bottles.  What a great idea, and also make a great gift idea.

We've also introduced some lovely little journals and notebooks made from 100% recycled paper by Melbourne label 'Ask Alice'.  How cute are they?

One of these little clocks has already made it's way to a space on my kitchen wall.  Shhh, don't tell Nicole though!

And more of the usual Mookah products you would expect to see in our new studio space.

Finally our customers can come direct to us to view our full range of textiles and products, discuss ideas, get quotes, try clothing on, purchase gifts and see us at work out the back in the studio.  Who would have thought that we would ever have our own little shop space?

Tomorrow I will share with you some more pics of our working studio space out the back.  I promise.


  1. The new space looks amazing! One of these days I'll drive waaaaaaaay down there and visit.

  2. oh no! i just got back from down that way!
    didn't even think! will have to be sure to visit next trip down :D

  3. Awesome. Well done and next time in the country (literally) I will be sure to have a lookie. xx

  4. Wow! The shop looks fantastic! Can't wait to visit.

  5. Happy shopwarming girls! You've got it looking lovely.

  6. How fabulous! You girls are amazing, the shop looks fantastic and I'm very jealous of the studio out back. Congratulations!

  7. Looks amazing, congratulations!! Love it all, so amazing. Isn't that Megan Jackson a Canberra girl?? She has a twin Alison who is an amazing jewellery designer too, clever girls, love Posie

  8. Oh the sign, i love it!! Sorry about the anonymous comments, Blogger doesn't think i exist & now, WordPress doesn't either, sigh, love Posie

  9. Stacey, maybe we should make a road trip with *ugh* 4 *ugh* boys one day? How fabulous !! Good work Mookah girls! x