November 7, 2011

The New Studio Space.....

Yesterday I promised to share some more snaps with you, but this time they are a little more about our studio space.  The place we now call 'home'.  The place we go to each day to design, create, print, and make. 

This one was actually taken a few weeks ago while we were doing the big move, but it perfectly reflects the support we had from the family.  Mum, Cooper and I having a morning tea break in the sun.

Do you like the piece of Marrimeko fabric hanging on the side?  It's drying after a little personal 'creative input' before it gets stretched over a frame for a customer to hang on their wall.

It is VERY bright in our new studio space, as you can tell here by my screwed up face as I prepare to do a little screen printing.

We don't do this every day, but last Saturday was a stunner of a day, so we sat outside to soak up some sunshine while we polished off the night before's leftover pizza.

Our working studio area is now about 3-4 times more than we had before.  Just perfect I say.

We love our new home.  If you're in the area, drop by and say hi.


  1. oooooh!!! looks like the perfect spot you have there and lots of helpers too!


  2. Love that image of the 3 generations, gorgeous!! You have such a great team with your folks, so lucky!! Love Posie

  3. Wow ladies!! How perfect & look how far you have come over the past few years. Great job! I saw an add in 'toast magazine' for Mookah today!!!