December 24, 2011

Don't you love receiving new fabrics?

Don't you love the arrival of new fabrics in the mail?  The anticipation of what will be inside the parcel.  Will they be just as lovely in the flesh as they looked when you purchased them?  Intensity of colour?  Softness of the cloth? 

We received several parcels of fabric in the mail this last week, and I can't decide which is my favourite.  I'm planning a new skirt for myself, but first I have to decide which fabric to use.

The morrocan prints are divine, but I can't go past the green leaf fabric.  Perhaps it's that nature part of me coming out again?

There will be more skirts on the way for this stunning japanese fabric as well.  All we need now is a little time to whip them up!

And last but not least, this lovely Leucadendron fabric in deep red and stone from Ink & Spindle.  It will look right at home amongst our other homewares in the Mookah Studio.

Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Eeeek that orange moroccan print is super gorgeous!

  2. Amazing fabrics - love them! I know the feeling you mean - I usually can't wait to begin sewing when I have a big bundle of fabric in my hands.... (though I am currently on a sew-free holiday but will do so again next week!)

  3. Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I've been eyeing off that Kokka fabric, and have plans of my own for some of the new Ink & Spindle design too. Where to start?! I can definitely see you in the leaf print...Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Mwah to you both. Jo xx