January 8, 2012

Sunday mornings.......

After a lovely but very unlikely sleep in this morning, I woke to a kind of balmy, but warm, overcast and drizzly morning.  There went the plans to oil the deck.  Perfect excuse to do something a little more fun.

I decided that the little man might quite like to make some lamingtons with me.  I know, I can hear you now, "Are you crazy?"  Given that I don't have lots of energy at the moment to play all our usual games together, I thought this might make a nice change.

Anyway, I am a little partial to a good lamington! 

 Hope you're having a lovely Sunday too.


  1. Happy new year! Hope you saved me one of those. Jo x

  2. Oh glorious & yes, keep them in the kitchen as young as possible, my guys have merrily licked wooden spoons since they were a year old. A bit of coconut on the floor - that's what vacuums are for!!
    Sending you loads of energy & baking goodness, love Posie