February 15, 2012

A lovely day out.....

Today I did something that I never do.  I took a rare day off work for myself.  Not because I was sick.  Not because I had appointments.  Just because I wanted a day to myself to do what I felt like.
So what did I do?  I'm glad you asked.  I went to Mornington to pick up my friend Carol, and we went to visit another mutual friend, Emma from Y Knot Designs, who has just started a new business venture with her Mum Sarah, called Treehouse Textiles at Merricks, who were having their very first open day today.
Treehouse Textiles offers contemporary textile workshops in a beautiful, modern space set in a natural bushland setting on the Mornington Peninsula.  Emma and Sarah have done a fabulous job of creating a modern but relaxed space for textile creativity, and offer workshops in quilt making, sewing, crochet, applique and other areas.

All their full day workshops include a catered lunch in a beautiful little box, they have a shop offering a range of handmade goodies, and you can just drop in to purchase fabrics and other supplies from their large range of hand selected fabrics from around the world.

From here, Carol and I headed off for a lovely relaxed lunch at T'Gallant winery in Main Ridge under the shade of the trees, while looking over the grapevines that hug the contours of the rolling hills.

  What a great way to spend a day!  Thanks Carol for a lovely day out.


  1. Sometimes you just need to get away and do something different - it's good for the soul.
    sounds like you had a lovely day.

  2. Good to get out isn't it? We should do it more often!

  3. What a lovely day out. Treehouse looks wonderful.

  4. Hi Girls, I miss your smiles and the laughter that follows. Knowing that you were at Treehouse makes me even sadder (pissed off actually) that my car had decided it would die while I was at work. Wed. I finished work early and was on my way to Merricks but TWO HOURS later I was still at work. Carol and I were chatting at Mornington on sunday and she could not stop talking about it. I'm glad to hear that you took a day off to "just be" you need to do that . Thinking of you as you travel that bumpy road your on at the moment .oxoxoxox Jacquie @ Sew Twee