February 10, 2012

My Creative Space.....

Oh lordy has it been a while since I've joined in with My Creative Space, and shared what's going on in our studio space.  It's not always super exciting and super creative, but sometimes you forget that other people are just interested to know about your creative process and what you get up to on a daily basis.

With Inverloch jumping over the summer period we've been kept pretty busy with all our visitors through the studio/shop door, which is fantastic, but it left little time for creativity, product photos and listing products in our online shop.  So yesterday was all about that for us.  We had a custom order for a boxed floor cushion to complete using our 'Muse' fabric in black on stone cotton/hemp, and then spent some time taking prdouct photos around the garden.

These were the fabric samples we were playing with on the bench to decide the final combination for the boxed cushion.  Decisions, decisions......

It was nice to have the opprotunity to wander the garden, and take in the various vista's while we were choosing locations for product photos. 

We don't know exactly what species of gum this one below is, but it sits in the front yard alongside the driveway and is covered in flowers at the moment that have a beautiful strong honey scent.

Between Nicole and I we've got a few these little wooden bird houses dotted around our gardens, and I love watching the little birds that come and sit on the perches, although I've never seen one go in inside.

There is this patch of grass in the backyard that is a different type to the rest of the lawn, and when you step on it, it smells of peppermint.  Is there such a thing as peppermint grass?

We've recently transplanted quite a few californian poppy seedlings from Mum's garden and this is the first of the colour dazzle.  Hope they survive and the kangaroo's don't get them first!

Next project?  An order for a picnic rug made out of outdoor fabrics.  I'll show you a pic when it's done.


  1. Nice to see you here! Can't wait to see how the rug comes up. Jo xx

  2. Hello Mookah, lovely 'Australian' Blog post with the flowers. Em x