August 16, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday....

I've never followed in the footsteps of someone else's blog topic before, but today when I read the latest at Faith Hope & A Whole Lotta Love, I was inspired to do a 'Shadow Shot' of my own....

This shot is actually a few years old, back when my big sis was single, I wasn't an aunt, and we were having a 'hiking holiday' in the Blue Mountains. Don't know why, but it's a memorable photo for me...

For those who don't know me in the flesh, I'm the taller one with the boofy curly hair!


  1. I love the background info about the photo. Having three sisters, I wondered if it was memorable because you were have some sort of discussion about who was slower than the other...???!!! It's a great photo.

  2. Congrats on being published in Handmade in Melbourne! Was great to see you girls in there & I will meet you at a market soon :) Sarah