June 1, 2010

4 Chicks & Rick......

What a mad week it was last week. In between preparing for our last minute trip to Sydney and all the sewing we needed to do, we had a number of other commitments we needed to meet. Chiroparactor, hairdresser, meeting with our business mentor, swimming lessons for Cooper, playgroup, you know how it goes!. On top of all of that, we had a business lunch scheduled.

Lunch was scheduled for Thursday in Leongatha at Number 9 Dream Cafe which is owned by Rick, who just happens to be our newest Retail Stockist. You may recognise the young ladies we had lunch with.

Yes, it is the 'Chickainka's', otherwise known as Lara and Teegs from Ink and Spindle. This was the time we were supposed to meet.

They arrived 43 minutes late.....ah, the young these days!

Whilst wating for the girls, we had time to peruse some of the lovely Australian handmade wares. Do you recognise any?

Mattt's Bags, Ink and Spindle, Mookah and some stunning local ceramics.

Peekaboo! A shy Echidna in there.

The lovely Rick, caught behind the coffee machine.

So why lunch at Number 9 Dream Cafe? Well, Rick has just reopened after four weeks of renovations and his old friend Lara wanted to check out the reno's, Teegs hasn't been to Gippsland and the girls wanted to check out the Mookah Studio.

Thanks Ladies for finding the time and making the effort to do a Gippy road trip. We had a wonderful lunch and Cooper loved having two lovely ladies to give a tour of the house and vegie garden to! We hope you made lots of pumpkin goodies.


  1. p.s. sorry we were late... we were aiming for 1:11!! so technically we weren't *that* late... :D

  2. Mind?! That's really lovely. Thank you both very much. It's nice to see the cafe through your photos. Obviously I'm not the most regular email-checker...