June 9, 2010

Trains, trains and more trains....

You know what it's like when there is a little one in the family and they get their little phases or obsessions? Well in this neck of the woods it's been all about TRAINS for a while now.

Cooper do you want to go to the park? 'Train' says Cooper.
Are you hungry Cooper? 'Train' says Cooper.
Do you want to give Aunty Lulu a cuddle? 'Train' says Cooper.

So this is what happened at my place recently after a little family dinner at my new dining table.

Wooohoooh! Chugga Chugga Chugga Chuggintons! "Come on Nan Nan, the train can't leave the station while you're like that!"

Note the Bob hard hat and phone in Cooper's hand. This all took place while conversing with Bob the Builder and Wendy. He even insisted on us showing train tickets and he's not even 2.5 years old!
Good to see all those Ikea boxes come in handy for something.

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