July 29, 2010

Beautiful, Handmade, Creative Gifts....

I really wanted to call this blog "Over the hills and far away", but thought the title would then distract you from the stunning handmade goodies that you are about to see. I happen to be showing you these, as they were gifts that I received from friends and family last week for my 40th birthday. Over the hills yes, and far away from my 30th birthday. Do I feel older or look any different? No, according to mookah man who says i don't look a day over 39. He is such a kind man!!

The day begun with me rolling out of bed, whilst the rest of the family slept as the Mookah girls had the shirt and skirt market to get to at the Abbotsford Convent. We arrived there at 8am to find one of my dearest friends (who does not work at markets) waiting. She arrived with coffee and cake, what a friend!! Soon after her departure, Hoot and Tweet from Itchybird, who will be fellow stallholders with us at Magnolia Square at Malvern Town Hall next week arrived. They were on their way through to the Rose St market and thought they would bring me cake and a present. There was no cake, it was an empty packet of cake mix, Hoot ate it on the way! The present, was a stunning 'Tantrum in a Terrarium', from the 'Itchy Bird' Range. It has a miniature Mookah Mum and Mookah son, walking down a hill, or is that me dragging him along the grass, because he refuses to walk?????

"Tantrum in a Terrarium" by Itchybird
The next beautiful gift came from my parents. I had seen it on display at Gecko Studio Gallery a while ago and fell in love with it immediately. Not only is the working stunning but the title made me laugh. 'Goat in a Boat' by Elisabeth Scott.

The next beautiful piece I spied at the Maganolia Square event earlier this year in St Kilda.

It is made by a Melbourne based jewellry designer, Shabana Jacobsen . I was racing past her stand when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye. It was sold when I returned to buy it and decided it wasn't meant to be. How do you think I felt when I opened the gift from my Mookah Sister?
So, how spoilt was I? Very! How do I feel, besides not a day over 39? Blessed that I have such a wonderful network of friends and an amazing family who have given so much thought into the gifts they have given me for my birthday.
I just wish I had a photo of the amazing 4 layer vanilla cake with lime and ginger filling between each layer and covered with a marshmellow icing topped with four sparklers.......

Note: This post was done by my older sister and business partner, not me, who usually throws words onto the page. Just had to clarify things in case you thought I was 40, cos that would be disastrous!


  1. glad to hear you had a great birthday nicole!

  2. Your gifts are stunning. That necklace... and the terrarium! Amazing. Happy happy birthday. 40 is the new 30, right?!

  3. 40 eh? Kimbofo turned 41 last week! And I agree with Gina, 40 IS the new 30...